We offers an extensive range of support systems including phone support, FTP uploading/downloading, live video support and real time internet review service.

Our service enhances the effectiveness of traditional telephone based technical support by allowing our support professionals to interact with our customers live over the web. Using any standard web browser regardless of your location.

SolidWorks Support Resources

Download new versions, service packs and add-ins for all SolidWorks products.
My Issues (SRs)
List of your active SRs (Service Requests).
My Bugs (SPRs)
List of your active SPRs (Bugs).
My Enhancements
Suggest enhancements for SolidWorks products.
Hardware & System Requirements
Information on hardware, graphics card, operating system, anti-virus and benchmarks.
Licensing and Activation
Registration, activation and SNL (SolidWorks Network License) references.
Known/Fixed Issues
Fixed Software Performance Reports (SPRs).
Learning Resources
Administration guides, help files, API examples, tech tips, training resources and more.